Changes – Time May Change Me

I have been neglecting my blog and my challenges for the last month. This is due to a few changes in my life.

At the start of the challenge and even 2016, I could say I was fairly content in my job. I even wrote that my glass was half full. That didn’t change but I had an opportunity to take a job closer to home. It was too good to turn down so after a very hectic month, I started at my new place of work on 8th November. I was asked at my interview what I liked to do in my spare time and I did say that I was currently fulfilling my daughter’s present and aiming to get 50 ticks in the year for my challenges. I had been enjoying it so much at that stage and I certainly wanted a bit of a change to my work life to complete them. My new office manager did remember my answer and asked a few days ago how I was getting on. I felt a bit guilty about my lack of commitment so I am going to take action and get some more ticks.

I will share with you what I hope to achieve and what I have been doing the last month.

Host A MacMillan Tea party/Bake a cake you never have before

The day I gave my notice in, I did take cakes in to work for the MacMillan coffee morning but this is not officially my challenge completed. I do have a few more ideas for this. I did try a new cake for this and also a lovely cake for my leaving day too. Last year my lovely colleague had given me a book called a Year of Cakes so I baked some new cakes from that and they were a success. Family haven’t tried the blueberry sandwich cake with lemon butter-cream so on the list to do that again. I have also tried a few technical challenges from the British Bake off and also had my cooking kits turn up to do so I have certainly been busy cooking things I wouldn’t normally do in preparation for the cake I have never baked before.


Read a book every month of a genre you don’t/don’t often read – Read your daughter’s 10 favourite books in paperback

Considering I was a “read a book a week” person, I have found this challenge quite hard. It is an interesting challenge though and I have certainly read some different books to normal. I will be share the books I have read in October and November soon.

Go and pick yourself out a new outfit

I am still have fun practicing this challenge. Maybe I will have a new outfit for Christmas or the New Year.

Start and complete a new sewing project

I made a good start but have come to a bit of a halt on this. October was extremely busy for me and I thought I would have more time with my new job. I got hooked on challenges with my fitbit and exercise took centre stage. I did get a few wins though! Hopefully out of my system now and I will be able to put in some stitches soon!


Make croissants/At Christmas make Yule Log, Mince Pies and cookies for Santa

I have found a recipe from Paul Hollywood’s book, How to Bake, and plan to give this a go maybe for the Christmas holidays. Looking forward to putting my Christmas music on and baking all the lovely Christmas delights.

Have a pamper night

Well, the lush bath bomb and candle has been purchased. Just need the perfect night when everyone is out to enjoy the experience. I have even planned a film to watch to make it complete.


Write a short story of 1,500-3,000 words

Not anywhere close to writing this but I did sign up to do a Future Learn course on Starting Writing Fiction. The course has come to an end but as it is a free internet course, I can do it at my leisure. Must stop the Fitbit challenges and get on with it.

I am settled into my job now and have started establishing a routine for my day. I actually walk to work now and with that I also get to leave for work later and come home earlier. It has taken some getting used to and next month will be a bit different too but I am determined to get some ticks.

Have a little bit of faith and you won’t stop the feeling

Sunday 23rd October arrived and what a day. Rudely woken by Kathryn who was equally buzzing and decided she must have a shower at 5.30, I was full of anticipation about my challenge – the run.

After having a breakfast of porridge and picture taken with Kathryn (had forgiven her by then for waking me up but was I going to forgive her for the challenge!), I was ready for the off. Portsmouth is easily reached by a nice little ferry journey. On the way to catch it, the local radio was already in the spirit of the run and they played Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling which certainly got me in the mood for the run. By the time I was sat on the ferry, full of other runners, I was so excited. I was not going to be a fast runner but at 50 years old, I was so determined that I was going to do this at my own pace.


Warm up for all of us runners going over by ferry is a 25 minute beautiful walk to the starting line. The day was a little chilly but otherwise perfect conditions. Apart from doing two park runs, I had never run in an event before so hearing another runner saying she hadn’t even run a 5k race before did make me smile.

Normally a spectator; Chris having completed two runs and Kathryn doing her first one last year; it was very different for me this year. Kathryn was starting half an hour before me so I tried to see her on the starting line but with no luck. After her wave was off, the half hour went very quickly and I was soon warming up with Justin Timberlake’s song again and then it was off. With the sun shining, the run along Southsea seafront was amazing. Straight away, I had that feeling that I was going to run all the way although I had to make a quick stop because my lace had come undone. I never normally have that problem.

I had read that it was a good idea to dedicate laps to family or friends to help you complete them. I didn’t plan for all of them but being a local girl, I did have a few that I was running for. The 2nd mile was for Mum, Dad and my brother Tony as I remember going into the pub along that route with Dad when my sister was born. Ironically my Mum’s favourite song, Is this the way to Amarillo, came on just at the start of the mile so that gave me all the encouragement I needed.

The race takes you through the Historic Dockyard which was wonderful and you have so many bands playing along the way. I also managed to see family and friends and wave to them. I had a plan that I would love to get to 6 miles before I did any walking but I had already decided that was not going to happen and I was going to run all the way. More encouragement with my music came as I was approaching the 7th mile, which was the longest I had run before, when Candyman by Christina Aguilera came on. A zumba song so I had to dedicate that lap to the zumba ladies.


There was so much about the day that was memorable and I don’t think I will ever forget the supporters. There was music being played from houses and people waving. The weather was amazing and normally the last few miles are tough because of the wind but that was also on my side. I carried on running and I can’t believe how quick the final mile felt. I think that was due to Wham’s Everything She Wants blaring out of speakers and knowing that I had achieved what I had come out to do. I had a huge smile on my face approaching the finish line and managed to wave to Kathryn who had been waiting some time. I crossed the line and could not believe that I had just run 10 miles. I collected my goodie bag and made my way to the exit to meet up with the family. I did feel the impact of the run here and ached in places I had never before but the feeling I had from my achievement made it all worthwhile.