A Town Called………Arundel

Challenge no 22 is to visit somewhere in England that I have never been before. I do have 2 ideas for this one; the first one a beautiful little place the train has stopped at whilst travelling to Cardiff; the second one, which I plan to visit with Chris is to have a bit of a “fan girl” experience. I would hasten to add that I would never have thought to visit if my idol had still been alive. I will share the place and experience once ticked off.

Chris and I did actually practice visiting a town I had not visited for sometime last Sunday. Funnily enough, Chris had been on a train back from London when he noticed Arundel castle looking splendid on the landscape. He thought it might make a nice change to take a journey by train there. Investigations found that the castle is closed on Sundays in March and the train journey would have been over an hour long due to a lengthy stop for a change in Barnham. I am sure Barnham is a lovely place to live but after Karen and I found ourselves waiting there for over an hour in July, I have a phobia of the place. Despite all this and a wet looking weather forecast, we decided we would drive to Arundel to explore the town.

We planned to have a late breakfast once there and we were delighted to see as we drove through the pretty town, lots (and I really do mean lots) of little cafes where we could satisfy our hunger. We parked opposite the closed castle and walked along by the Wey and Arun canal, a place I do plan to go back to in the summer. Chris had then insisted his stomach needed food so we went to find a place to eat. We chose a very busy little cafe on the corner called The Tudor Rose and enjoyed a very nice sausage bap and a delicious latte. Whilst we were sat in there, there was a downpour of rain so maybe Chris’s stomach is connected to the weather forecast.

One of the many cafes
Canal I plan to visit in the summer months

The sun reappeared to allow us to explore the shops. We turned into Tarrant Street and I was delighted to find some wonderful quirky shops. I did manage to resist buying a pair of sandals but did buy a present for a friend from an amazing clothes shop called Fanny Adams and some small tins of paint to help me with challenge no 43 – Upcycle/DIY something from a charity shop. Again that shop, Arundel Interiors,┬áis delightful to look around. We also bought some tea in the Tea and Biscuit Club. The assistant let us smell all the different varieties before we made our purchase.

Before we got caught in another downpour, we did find a lovely little garden to admire, and in my case, nearly fall flat on my face. It was looking over the canal and would certainly be lovely to visit in the summer.

Mind the steps!

After a cup of tea and cake from another of the little cafes (it would be lovely to try them all), we wondered around finding more attractions the town had to offer including the Lido which I would imagine is a popular venue in the summer months.

We had a delightful time in Arundel and plan to visit again soon to hopefully explore the castle, enjoy a boat trip and buy lots of presents from the unique shops. Might return to Fanny Adams and buy myself that outfit I still need to buy.

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