About me

I am a newly turned 50 year old married with 2 children.   Although not always the case, I now feel that my glass is always half full.  This might have taken me half a century to get there but it is a great feeling.

So what have I achieved in my 50 years?  Well 28 years of marriage to the lad I met 35 years ago.  I was not a big career girl but did find my way into accounting. When babies came along, they became my 2nd career. I can honestly say that my 2nd career was very successful and I am extremely proud of my children.  Unfortunately, children do become independent so back to accounting. The great thing is the start of 2016 made me realise that I am very content in the job I have so my glass is still half full.

I have never been a wild child so my hobbies tend to be very low key. I love cooking (eating is a favourite pastime especially cakes), my kindle and often read a book a week, my iPod (love all sorts of music but George Michael is my favourite singer) and my new favourite gadget,  my fitbit.


The fitbit does mean I like to exercise.  I am not very competitive at it but I do enjoy it.  I like to walk when ever I can, go to a Zumba class a couple of times a week, try to regularly do an exercise DVD (favourites at the moment is Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs) and running.  I never thought I would ever run a step in my life but at the age of 47, I started the NHS couch25k programme.  To begin with I don’t know whether I could say I actually enjoyed running but I did get a buzz out of achieving each goal.  I have carried on running and stepped up by doing an OutRunMay challenge for Macmillan in May this year.  I managed to run 63 miles in May.  I also discovered Strava and joined a challenge to run 10k.  This I achieved 3 days before my 50th birthday.  Such a glass is half full moment.

So why 50 ticks?  For my birthday, my daughter presented me with a beautiful notebook. Notebooks are my passion but this had been written in.  First page read:

50 things to do in your 50th year.  Your mission:  to complete all 50 tasks between 7th June 2016 – 6 June 2017 ……. and all the while SMILE & BE HAPPY

There are 50 interesting challenges and I have to tick them off as I do them – 50 ticks.  My main blog posts will be about me sharing my experiences and ticking off each challenge.


Look forward to sharing.