Changes – Time May Change Me

I have been neglecting my blog and my challenges for the last month. This is due to a few changes in my life.

At the start of the challenge and even 2016, I could say I was fairly content in my job. I even wrote that my glass was half full. That didn’t change but I had an opportunity to take a job closer to home. It was too good to turn down so after a very hectic month, I started at my new place of work on 8th November. I was asked at my interview what I liked to do in my spare time and I did say that I was currently fulfilling my daughter’s present and aiming to get 50 ticks in the year for my challenges. I had been enjoying it so much at that stage and I certainly wanted a bit of a change to my work life to complete them. My new office manager did remember my answer and asked a few days ago how I was getting on. I felt a bit guilty about my lack of commitment so I am going to take action and get some more ticks.

I will share with you what I hope to achieve and what I have been doing the last month.

Host A MacMillan Tea party/Bake a cake you never have before

The day I gave my notice in, I did take cakes in to work for the MacMillan coffee morning but this is not officially my challenge completed. I do have a few more ideas for this. I did try a new cake for this and also a lovely cake for my leaving day too. Last year my lovely colleague had given me a book called a Year of Cakes so I baked some new cakes from that and they were a success. Family haven’t tried the blueberry sandwich cake with lemon butter-cream so on the list to do that again. I have also tried a few technical challenges from the British Bake off and also had my cooking kits turn up to do so I have certainly been busy cooking things I wouldn’t normally do in preparation for the cake I have never baked before.


Read a book every month of a genre you don’t/don’t often read – Read your daughter’s 10 favourite books in paperback

Considering I was a “read a book a week” person, I have found this challenge quite hard. It is an interesting challenge though and I have certainly read some different books to normal. I will be share the books I have read in October and November soon.

Go and pick yourself out a new outfit

I am still have fun practicing this challenge. Maybe I will have a new outfit for Christmas or the New Year.

Start and complete a new sewing project

I made a good start but have come to a bit of a halt on this. October was extremely busy for me and I thought I would have more time with my new job. I got hooked on challenges with my fitbit and exercise took centre stage. I did get a few wins though! Hopefully out of my system now and I will be able to put in some stitches soon!


Make croissants/At Christmas make Yule Log, Mince Pies and cookies for Santa

I have found a recipe from Paul Hollywood’s book, How to Bake, and plan to give this a go maybe for the Christmas holidays. Looking forward to putting my Christmas music on and baking all the lovely Christmas delights.

Have a pamper night

Well, the lush bath bomb and candle has been purchased. Just need the perfect night when everyone is out to enjoy the experience. I have even planned a film to watch to make it complete.


Write a short story of 1,500-3,000 words

Not anywhere close to writing this but I did sign up to do a Future Learn course on Starting Writing Fiction. The course has come to an end but as it is a free internet course, I can do it at my leisure. Must stop the Fitbit challenges and get on with it.

I am settled into my job now and have started establishing a routine for my day. I actually walk to work now and with that I also get to leave for work later and come home earlier. It has taken some getting used to and next month will be a bit different too but I am determined to get some ticks.

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