Cook Tropicana – Let Me Take You To My Place

I have no idea why I have left all my cooking challenges to the end but here was one I was looking forward to attempting ; challenge 7 – cook a three course meal.  I decided that I would like to make this a family meal so Easter Sunday seemed like an ideal time; Jordan would be home from London and Kathryn was on Easter break busily getting ready for her finals.

So first of all, let me take you to the corner of the house which I have taken over. We really do have a lot of cook books. I thought it would be good to use these for my menu.

So the rules were:

  1. Cook a three course meal – with each course being from three different culture. There was absolutely no reason that I couldn’t have something British but I decided to try something different.
  2. There must be something (whether it’s a little part or the whole thing) in each dish that I haven’t made before.

Here goes for the menu:

The starter – Indian  -Spiced Crab Cakes with Tamarind Mayonnaise

Fish cakes are one of my favourite thing. They are so much more interesting now than the ones I used to be served up as a child. So what was different about these for rule no two. I managed to get this passed; the use of crab. Never used it before and I don’t think I had ever eaten it before. Whilst everything else I used was fresh; fresh ginger, garlic, coriander etc, I did use tinned crab instead of fresh. The actually cooking of the fish cakes brought a lovely aroma to the kitchen. I really enjoyed the preparation of these; George Michael play list kept me company as I chopped up the herbs. I prepared ahead and starting cooking just before serving. The finished result was very tasty and enjoyed by everyone.

I had quite forgotten I had this book in our collection. I am looking forward to using it again.

The main – Italian – Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

After the success of the pasta machine, I thought I would make my own ravioli. Was feeling quite confident about this. With the actual filling made, I proceeded to make the pasta. Things were looking good then very quickly the pasta didn’t seem to come out well. After a few minutes of panic, decided to just roll out the pasta manually. The result were what probably looked like dumplings. My family tucked in though and they were very tasty dumplings! Our local shop sell some very good fresh ravioli – might use this in future!

Oops – nice though!

The dessert – French – Profiteroles

My first cookery book

I try to avoid making pastry and have never made choux pastry before so I was quite excited about trying this. Kathryn helped me out with this and it was much easier than I thought. We were so impressed with the little buns when cooked. We decided to have a bit of a break between courses as the starter and main were very filling. The actual finished result was delicious. I have many recipes for this dessert but went for Delia’s because she spooned the mixture rather than piping. I didn’t want too much pressure.

This was a wonderful challenge and one which I will be repeating in the future. Whilst not everything was perfect, I certainly had fun trying. Crab cakes will definitely be on the menu again and I am planning on trying savoury choux buns too. I haven’t been put off my pasta machine; I will keep trying.

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