A new Saturday routine for me has emerged and one that I am hoping I can keep up with. I spend two hours clearing an area in the house.

As previously mentioned in my lessons in life post, I read 50 New Year Resolutions book for my January read and decided to clear the clutter.

Cleaning is not a favourite job of mine and also I am very much a hoarder. I find throwing away things very painful but I am determined to keep to the plan. Six weeks on and I have made good progress.

Week 1

This was the best achieved decluttering I have done to date and the one that has helped my daily routines so much – my dressing table and drawers. My table holds my skincare, make up, jewellery, savings jar, make up mirror etc. It was a complete mess. I had a beautiful tray for my birthday which I had wanted to put my skincare in but I had so much. I managed to sort out everything essential and items I did not use daily were stored in another place. My drawers were sorted and underwear and old t-shirts were thrown out. I now have three drawers which make finding things easier. My morning and evening routines are now a pleasure; if I am late for work, it is due to me dithering rather than I can’t find my socks!

Skincare tray with framed photo of my dad now being displayed

Week 2

The bathroom cupboard. Not so easy because it didn’t just involve my stuff. There was lots of bags of rubbish from this job. Why do they make expiry dates on medical products so hard to read. Chris did help with this particular task by laying some vinyl on the floor of the cupboard. Whilst I would say the cupboard is still work in progress, I have managed to make it a lot more efficient and it is a cupboard that I am quite happy to open now. Again it makes life a lot easier.

Week 3

Two bottom cupboards in kitchen. First under attack was the cupboard that everything fell out of. I think the majority of us have these. I keep the plastic containers in here plus my food processor bits; it was a bit of a nightmare when trying to find things. Before completing I sorted the one we use for cereals. It was dreadful the amount of stale cereal we had. Clearing that cupboard gave me space for excess items from the first cupboard. These cupboards are still very much work in progress but again so much easier. Storing things are easier now I can actually find things.

Week 4

Decided that the last week of month would be dedicated to clearing the many bags of paperwork out. This is a job that needs doing but one I avoid. I have to confess I didn’t do very well with this job. I didn’t have any enthusiasm at all and it was all a bit of paper shuffling. I did end up with three bags of shredding so it was a start. I am going to continue making this my final Saturday of the month job and hopefully will make more progress.

Week 5

My wardrobe. I was dreading this and having failed with the the paperwork, I didn’t hold much hope for this. After delaying the start, I did achieve a lot. I found clothes I thought I had lost, discovered shoes I could actually wear and threw some things away. Lovely wardrobe now which had a bit of space for me to put new clothing in (honestly I needed them to go with the clothes I found!).

Week 6

Hall/meter cupboard – the one you have to apologise to the people reading your meters for. This was more a tidy and reorganise than a major task as Chris had done a good job of decluttering. It was still a very satisfying job.

I don’t think I will ever enjoy cleaning but I do think that the decluttering has been very good for me. I am slowly learning to throw things away and it certainly made my life easier. Here are some tips to keep up with resolutions:

  1. Set aside a time to do the task and have a plan if you need to reschedule.
  2.  Set a realistic amount of time to do it. For me, two hours a week is perfect. It is enough to do a job and short enough for me to feel it is not a chore.
  3. Be firm about what you want to achieve. On week 3, Chris suggested some other cupboards that needed a sort out. I very politely explained that this week was for two cupboards only.
  4. Remember that everything is work in progress. I plan to go back to all the areas to decluttering again and possible improve. My hope that it will be an easier job.
  5. Don’t be put off if you don’t achieve something one week. It can be hard to accept but you certainly haven’t failed by not achieving one week.
  6. Make sure you resolution is achievable and one that you will benefit from yourself. Don’t make the resolution to please others.

I would recommend the 50 New Year Resolution book. It isn’t just about the boring resolutions; there are so many different ideas including reading books of a different genre. Hopefully share more progress later.

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