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My day in London had been exhausting. It was a good job I had changed my days of working this week so I had the luxury of having a lazy day on Monday.

The day was warm so I thought I would try another challenge.


When the children were younger, I have made chocolate and banana cup cakes. I have tried to convince myself that they were healthy because of the bananas in them but with the addition of chocolate chips and syrup, I really don’t think that is the case. Four months ago, I rediscovered the recipe and made some in muffin tins instead of the small fairy cakes I used to make. Big mistake – I think we had demolished them in three hours – they are so delicious warm. This challenge gave me the excuse to made some more. They are so easy to make and whilst baking, I tackled the ginger beer.


I used the recipe I found on my favourite cookshop, Lakeland. Chris had got me the ingredients on Sunday and I was a bit concerned about the colour of the unwaxed lemons – more of a green colour. I have put that down to the fact they were organic so haven’t been dyed. The ginger beer didn’t take long to put together and I left it for 20 minutes. At this point, I did a taste test on it – it was very hot and spicy. Added a little more sugar before straining it then added a bit more sparkling water.

Fermenting ginger beer
Fermenting ginger beer

Rather than a lunch time treat, I finally sat in the garden around 4pm to enjoy my bagel, muffin (okay cup cake) and ginger beer in my mason glass bought for me by Kathryn. It was all lovely.



Enjoying in the sun
Enjoying in the sun

Another tick for me.

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