I Bake the Cakes – Help Yourself

I love cooking and I have a few challenges to do with cooking.  Host a MacMillan Tea Party, bake a cake you have never tried before, buy some kind of baking machine, make and document something with it and many more.



I never enjoyed cooking at school but once I had my own kitchen to cook in and a copy of Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course (well used as you can see), I was on my way to making wonderful roasts, quick pasta dishes, Monday night curries with leftovers and beautiful cakes.  I discovered Mary Berry and when the children came along, I made traybakes to put in their lunch boxes.

My favourite cake for birthdays is still the good old Victoria sponge which my daughter also makes a mean one too.  Baking with the children was always a favourite thing and my son does experiment now and again.

Birthday Cake
Kathryn baking
Kathryn baking
Jordan's homemade battenburg, swiss roll and shortbread
Jordan’s homemade battenburg, swiss roll and shortbread

Nothing beats a homemade meal or cake and it is also very therapeutic.  It certainly can calm me down after a stressful day at work although sometimes I might just go for the good old fish and chips from the local chippie! I really think cooking lessons should be prescribed by Doctors!

I had friends who always insisted that Birthday and Christmas presents should never be a household item including cooking equipment.  I might object to a vacuum cleaner but I never minded to some new piece that I could bake with.  A few years ago I did say I did not want another thing for the kitchen.  However this turned up and I  happily accepted it!


My daughter’s boyfriend, Aaron treated me to some wonderful birthday presents for my 50th birthday.  One of them was a subscription to the Bakedin Baking Club.  It has been wonderful.  I have now received three boxes which have a recipe inside with step by step instructions to cook.


There is also bags of ingredients weighed out in numbered bags.



All you need to do is add a few ingredients which are normally in my cupboard, a baking tin and bake.  Cherry Crumble Squares were today’s delight.  I quickly whizzed up the cake mixture in my processor, poured into the prepared tin, added the cherries and put in the oven for 10 minutes whilst I made the crumble.  The crumble was then added to the top of the cake mixture and returned to the oven for a further 30 minutes.

The cooking smells were delicious and I couldn’t wait to try.   When cut the cherries had sunk to the bottom and I did wonder if I should have washed and dried before I put on top of the sponge mixture but overall it didn’t take make any difference to the taste which had a lovely spicy taste from the cinnamon.  This had been included in bag 4 with the self raising flour.


We served it with custard and cream as a dessert and it was a big hit. The instruction card comes with all the ingredients and weights that is included in the kit so I will definitely be baking this again.

My next box has arrived and I can’t wait to bake this.

Happy baking.

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