It started with a cake

Challenge no 16  РDay trip to Cardiff to visit daughter, go to Cardiff Bay for lunch and buy Welsh cakes.

Any journey or trip with the family will involve planning around eating. We are particularly fond of cake especially cream teas. As I was visiting Kathryn at her 2nd home, I thought I would make her a cake. She has insisted that I only take a few slices up as she is eating healthily. I am sure the boys won’t mind be left with the remainder. As I was going to Wales, I opted for Paul Hollywood’s version of the Welsh plate cake, white chocolate and cherry cake. I think it went down very well.

My trip was taking place on Saturday 25th March, the day before Mother’s day and I was looking forward to having a lovely day with Kathryn. After a three hour train journey, I was able to see my daughter and experience, in unusual March warm weather, a walk in Kathryn’s favourite parks. One of the parks gave me an excuse to use Kathryn’s camera, a very thoughtful present from Aaron. I want one; I meant the camera but Aaron is a lovely lad too! With the camera, I was able to capture an arty picture for challenge 26. I will share later.

After having a delicious blackcurrant and clotted cream ice-cream (another family favourite), we reluctantly left Roath Park and the many families enjoying the sun, swans and beautiful scenery, and made our way to catch the train. As much as she is clever, my beautiful daughter can be a bit dipsy too; she honestly thought that the restaurants and pubs would stop serving food at 3 p.m. I personally think she was just hungry and wanted me to walk a bit faster. Cardiff Bay isn’t too far away from the City so it didn’t take long before we were sitting down enjoying a lovely lunch.

First ice cream of 2017
Beautiful daughter

There is certainly a great selection of places to eat. We opted for Bill’s and loved the look of everything on the menu. I opted for a fish pie and Kathryn decided to go for a burger. Although we were very full, we still needed to buy the welsh cakes. For these we went to Fabulous bakery on the quay and chose blueberry and white chocolate. We didn’t actually try them until on the train back to the City; they were yummy.

Bill’s Fish Pie

We took in the scenery and enjoyed a walk along the quay. Kathryn was trying her hardest to try to get a good “selfie” of us but the bright sun and wind had other ideas for that. Another photo we both wanted was the carousel; on our first trip to Cardiff Bay when we were viewing the university, we watched with amusement, a wedding party enjoying this carousel. What great memories for the start of your marriage. We even got to enjoy a female choir singing The Climb (apparently from Hannah Montana, information courtesy of Kathryn).

We still had a few hours left so we returned to the City and I managed another challenge; buy a physical copy of an album. This had rules and had to be spontaneous so I was not allowed to buy The Osmonds because I had wanted that one. ¬†Honestly, I would not have thought about that had I not heard Let Me in on Radio 2 a few weeks ago. What can I say, the kids today would definitely love that music. In the end, I decided to by Eva Cassidy and I can confirm I love it; with a song on it called Kathy’s Song, I would say it was the perfect choice.

I was then taken towards the car park in St David’s shopping centre to play adventure golf. There are 2 courses; we chose to play the Ancient explorer trail and Kathryn joked that it would be funny if one of us got a hole in one at the end and got a free play. Funny as it sounded and I’d like to pretend beginner’s luck but we have both been rubbish at crazy golf for years, we both did get a hole in one and Kathryn has 2 free games to play in the next couple of months. Thanks Bob, we did beat the 19th. I must add that Kathryn did win our game.

Perfect selfie taken by Kathryn

With sadness, I said goodbye to Kathryn (I will probably see her at the end of the week!), and made my way home. This challenge was a joy and I am looking forward to my next day out with my (I know this is getting boring now!) beautiful daughter. Three ticks for this adventure.


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