It’s been a cold, cold winter

This is my last happy post of February. Whilst I can’t say January was unhappy (work was certainly less hectic than last year), February has been a lovely month.

My little girl turned 21 and she wanted a day in Brighton. Well in contrast to our beautiful day there in September, it was freezing. Even in my duffle coat, I was shivering but that never puts us off our family days in Brighton; I forced the kids to eat fish and chips on the pier in Brighton in the pouring rain for my birthday one year. We really do have some great memories of the place.

As Kathryn had taken so long opening her presents,( she only had time to eat a very nice panna cotta made by Aaron, her boyfriend), first stop for us all was lunch. We headed to the Lanes (I love this place) and enjoyed tapas in a lovely Spanish restaurant. Certainly warmed us up.

Apart from eating, what can you do in Brighton in the cold. Well you look in all the shops. I found the perfect saut̩ pan, found my perfect bag (I will share later!), bought my smiley faces biscuit cutters (make me very happy) and bought my frame for challenge number 14 Рframe a photograph you have always wanted to. Very successful shopping trip for me.

My kids might be classed as grown ups but I did have trouble dragging them away from the Lego store. In the end, talk of food coaxed them away. Kathryn introduced us to Choccywoccydoodah, a shop that sells hand-made chocolate and cakes. They are located in The Lanes. We made our way up to their Bar Du Chocolat, which is their cafe selling drinks and delicious cakes. We decided to try one of their hot chocolates which was delicious.

Kathryn and Aaron were staying in Brighton for the night so Jordan and I made our way home, and after enjoying a lovely day, we were looking forward to our warm home.

After a happy February, I am looking forward to getting back to business and completing my challenges!

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