It’s been a cool, cool summer

My challenges have certainly made my summer different. My summer started on my birthday in Lanzarote where I reached my milestone birthday and was presented with my beautiful book full of challenges (note to Kathryn – it was worth the money!!).


I have enjoyed a picnic by the beach with my daughter, had a lovely trip to the Isle of Wight, saw the sights of London with my Son and made ginger beer; all on sunny days. One summer trip needed to be completed and we were nearing the end of September so were not sure it was going to be the summer trip intended.


To fit in with Kathryn going back to university, we decided to go on Friday 23 September. Being an optimistic, I booked the British Airways i360 in advance so we could view Brighton from this new landmark. It was going to be a bit of a disappointment if the clouds were in the sky. We needn’t have worried – after our train journey from Portsmouth – the first stop, Ella’s Yummy Delights, run by a mother and daughter – found us enjoying a lovely crumble/meringue cake in the sun with me taking all my layers off.


We had to be at the i360 half an hour before our flight time so took a brisk walk through North Laines to enjoy all the lovely quirky shops (we had time to try some clothes on and purchase something too from Jaba Yard).

On to the i360 which is a vertical cable car and the world’s tallest moving observation tower. Whilst queuing, one of the guides seemed to enjoy telling us about when the attraction came to a standstill a few weeks previously when it was full of people. He did reassure us that the problem had been sorted out. After bag checks (I did have a lot in my bag so sorry if you were behind me), we had our photos taken before waiting for our flight. The experience lasts 20 minutes and we had amazing views over Brighton. I particularly loved seeing all the old buildings and the bustling town. Nyetimber champagne was available to be purchased but although I do love champagne, I knew that I would feel a bit giddy with the heights too.



Sitting inside a restaurant on this glorious day would have been so wrong so we found a lovely outside restaurant by the sea and ordered our lunch along with a jug of pimms, a real must for a sunny day. Kathryn made a healthy choice for her dinner, salmon salad: I went with good old fish and chips. It was all yummy especially with the pimms.


We made sure we visited the pier; Brighton is a great favourite with us all and we always go for a walk here. We walked towards the pavilion and talked about our previous visits there. It was then time for pictures in a photo booth. I was expecting to have photos in one of the passport booths but this was in a shop where you could have black and white or colour photos with props. We chose the colour booth and as you can see, we didn’t get the props quite right.



After this it was time for our ice-cream, another tradition in any place, to try different flavours. Geleto Gusto, in North Laines, tempted us in and the ice cream was wonderful. Once eaten, we tried a bit of real shopping – Lakeland for me to buy a flan dish so I could try another technical challenge from Great British Bake Off.

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Brighton is one of the best places to visit and I don’t think I will ever get tired of this seaside town with it’s quirky shops. Kathryn and I had a wonderful day and it was a lovely end to Summer.

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  1. Haha, the book was most certainly worth the money! That photo looks so delicious- I could definitely eat that right now. I look forward to another trip to Brighton next summer! 🙂

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