Jar of Pennies

In January this year, I saw a post on Facebook which suggested you put money away every day ,starting with 1p on 1st January and increasing by a penny a day, in a jar for a year and you would end up with £667.95. I thought that I would give this a go. The cynics out there would suggest that you could do this by simply putting £15 in a savings account each week but this is more fun.

I started in January and it became evident that the jar I first used was not going to be big enough so Jordan replaced it for me to quite a snazzy one.



Chris and I decided that the contents of the jar could be used as a deposit for the holiday. It was great to have a plan for it and then in September we decided to book a holiday for December. Although we needed to pay for it before the jar would be finished, I felt smug actually going into the bank with my money knowing that I had actually saved for this holiday daily.

It set me thinking that this could be a yearly tradition but I didn’t necessarily need to start the saving in January so restarted in October so hopefully can have another holiday the same time next year.


We went to Gran Canaria on 2 December for a week and it was fantastic. Getting away at the beginning of a busy season away from the cold is bliss even if it feels funny listening to I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas in temperatures of 23 degrees.


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