One More Try

This year (my 50th) is bringing me 50 challenges to try to tick off. It is tough but I realised the other day that I can use some to my advantage. I have bought myself some flowers and found that I love that experience so regularly do that. I also try and buy friends and family some every now and then – it brightens their day too. I will certainly buy myself another shade of lipstick. Certainly like that now.


One I still have to tick is bake a cake I never have tried before. I am practising this regularly by trying new cakes and techniques. I do know the cake I have in mind to make for this but it is fun and tasty trying new cakes.

This is the challenge that I will have to have one more try (and maybe another one or two) before I am quite happy.

Challenge 15 – go and pick yourself out a new outfit.

I did actually plan to do this one for Christmas but after feeling groggy last Friday with a cold, I decided that I needed a bit cheering up. Normally I buy from Next but I thought the George selection in Asda looked very appealing and I wanted a short skirt. Needing to wake up, I took a walk to our local store but ended up being so disappointed because I could not match anything. I had an idea what I wanted and they needed to go with these lovely shoes bought for me by Chris.


Armed with Freddo chocolate bars, I marched home, made a coffee and along with the tissues, I opened up the faithful Next catalogue which had sat unopened for two weeks. Could not find the sort of thing I wanted. I was on a mission though and soon found what I wanted online at Dorothy Perkins along with a 25% discount. This meant I could go with two tops with the skirt!

I was so excited when it arrived. I had a bit of a worry – should a fifty year old really wear shorter skirts but I planned to dress it up with woolly tights and with short legs would it matter. Should I really care?!


I was delighted with it and paraded round with it. It turned out I was being quite fashionable because Jordan said all the girls in his office wore that sort of thing (okay they were probably 25 years younger than me) but he did assure me it looked nice. Hopefully he means it and will take his old mum out in it sometime!


Anyway this will be a fantastic challenge when I complete it but I will give it one more try to find the perfect outfit so I can tick the box -well maybe two or three more tries!

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