Our Cake, Stuck to the Middle of the Tin

Challenge 42 ticked

I couldn’t do this challenge until Easter and was so excited to use my new tin. Wasn’t sure how the cake was going to be a showstopper but had an idea with the filling. I have had Mary Berry’s Ultimate Book of Cakes for years and I never had the urge to make that delicious chocolate cake on the cover picture. I actually thought I would like to use the filling with our showstopper. It did mean using gelatine; not my favourite ingredient.

My faithful tatty book

First of all, the cake needed to be made. Now normally I wouldn’t worry about baking a cake. It was a bit of an unknown as the tin was a different size to our normal tins plus this wasn’t our normal Victoria sandwich. I decided that the best cake would be the vanilla cake recipe supplied with the tin as the measurements would be correct. What I didn’t do which I normally would always recommend doing, is read the recipe, then read it again. Do this before you actually start to bake. The recipe hadn’t been printed correctly (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!) and didn’t seem like a recipe I had followed before. Result was the cake didn’t smell right whilst cooking, it looked pale when cooked and the cake stuck to the tin. Friday night I went to bed very deflated .  Kathryn also remarked that I wouldn’t earn a tick if it wasn’t completed.  What a cheek, this was her challenge too!

Remembering one of my favourite quotes; a winner never quits, I got up on Saturday morning, found a similar recipe on good old Google and baked again. A very good result.  I had greased the tin with the “pockets” well, and with lots of help from Chris, the cakes came out of the tin in one piece.

Now to use the gelatine. Good old Mary proved a very good friend here. She explained how to “sponge” gelatine (that had me scratching my head). Anyway after reading Mary’s tips on how you should sprinkle the gelatine onto the liquid and not the other way round and after a certain point to put the bowl into warm water, my gelatine was ready to be added to my chocolate mixture to make the mousse.

Thankfully Kathryn decided the artistic part of the cake belonged to her so she took over filling the cake bottom pockets with raspberries and mini eggs. We layered with chocolate mousse, added top layer on and put in fridge overnight.

Pockets filled
Kathryn did her artistic bit on Sunday morning, when she added melted chocolate drizzle over cake. Carrot and mini eggs became our decorations and we had made a showstopper that I am sure Mary and Paul would be proud of.
Cake photo courtesy of Kathryn
 Did I mention I did get a tick for this?!!

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