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Kathryn and I have signed up for our 10k challenge; a race for life event at Windsor race course on the 3rd June. Very close to my challenge deadline so no backing out of that.

I am a slow plodder when it comes to running so I am going to try to increase my speed in my training over the next couple of months. Kathryn has recently written a blog post about her exercise tips, and how she finds fitting some short one mile runs in beneficial. I was only managing one long run at the weekend so, as the morning are lighter, I am trying to fit in a couple of runs around “the block” before work.

My round the block scenery

One of my favourite things is my iPod. I have lots of music on it and being some sort of weirdo, I like to have playlists. (The weirdo part will become apparent when I come round to explaining my kindle library; I am sure everyone has playlists).

My playlists are:

  • Bedtime
  • Christmas
  • Dancing
  • George
  • Lovely songs
  • Musicals
  • Running
  • Sing a long
  • Walking
  • Zumba

The type of music you play when you do an activity is very important. I love dancing when I cook although when Kathryn is cooking with me, a good old singalong or musicals is called for. I haven’t perfected the walking one yet and sometimes put my sing a long one on which can be dangerous. Play That Song by Train is my favourite song at the moment and I quite forgot myself the other morning and heard myself singing the chorus on my way to work. I found it very hard to compete with Stubbington church bells when trying to reach the high note in Defying Gravity. Anyway, I digress. I have found that having the wrong music on can make you slower: I lazily stayed on my bedtime playlist whilst walking to work the other day which meant I was a few minutes slower!

My running playlist is perhaps my most important. I did read up about the beats per minute and how songs like Duffy’s Mercy has 127 bpm so has quite a good beat to run to. The NHS page is a good one to explain more.

As well as the beats, I do find the lyrics inspirational too and that will give me encouragement to continue. However, on my second “round the block” run last week, iTunes randomly picked the slower inspirational tunes and I did find my lap was slower than the first. I think I need to do a few extra playlists.

Let me indulge and share a few of my favourite from this particular playlist. There are 84 (I told you I was weird) but here are a selection:

  1. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys – I feel like that girl  – passionate and enthusiastic
  2. Don’t Stop Movin’ by S Club 7 – we can all move to this one
  3. Amazing by George Michael – I love hearing George telling me I am amazing
  4. Brand New by Pharell Williams and Justin Timberlake – the words “a winner never quitter, a quitter never wins” inspires me big time
  5. Get Stupid by Aston Merrygold – this just makes me move. Love it when I am flagging
  6. Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz – always makes me giggle because it tells me I’ve got to speed it up then slow it down straight away. Also the time always comes when I have to make up mind about the direction I am going!
  7. Work Work by Britney Spears – I do dream that I will have that hot body so I will get to work
  8. Fighter by Christina Agulira – It wouldn’t be fair not to have Christina when I have Britney song would it. This is my fight for it song.
  9. Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake – will always bring the memories of the Great South Run
  10. (Is This The Way To) Amarillo by Tony Christie – I should keep this a secret that this is actually on my iPod but it is on for sentimental reasons. My mum asked for it be played at her funeral and I bet she thought I would never do it. Always plays when I need some inspiration.

Sorry for all the tunes that didn’t get a mention – I love you all!

I have to mention the song that gets me in the mood for running. I do a 5 minute walk and always (and. even with tears on Boxing Day) I start with George Michael singing Feeling Good. There is always a George song for whatever mood you are in.

Hopefully the tunes played on my next run will help me increase my time.

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