Read Them and Weep

My book reading has certainly changed over the last year. I don’t have time to read so much with the challenges plus trying to read a proper book (really can’t be done when eating breakfast) is hard work. March actually saw me doing something I try to avoid; I had two books on the go. Whilst they were different books, they did have something in common and it did become a bit confusing until I realised why something seemed familiar.

Challenge 6 – Read your daughter’s favourite books

At the beginning of March, I started reading one of Kathryn’s favourite top ten books; The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Don’t be put off by the description:




The book makes you laugh and cry, makes you think and question things and also made me fall in love with all main characters in the book; the book thief, Liesel, her foster parents, Max, the Jewish fist fighter and not forgetting Rudy, the Jesse Owen fan. I even loved Death, although I did wonder if he/she was giving too much information away and ruining the end of the book!! After all, for Death, as said, there is only one ending.

I have read books before; Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller, which stays in my mind, about the Jews during the war and they always leave me cold thinking that humans could be so awful to other humans. Whilst I know that it wasn’t every German who would treat the Jews in this way and it was the dictator, this book allowed me to appreciate how the German people would have faced the war and what punishments they faced if they didn’t follow the rules.

The book took me a month to read. It is one of Kathryn’s bigger books; over 500 pages. Most chapters are short so reading one before sleep wasn’t the problem and the story was fascinating. I think that I am so busy with my other challenges that I just don’t find that extra 5 minutes in the day to read and it was an actual physical book which I now find hard to read whilst eating!

Looking forward to watching the film now.

As I had a 3 hour train journey to Cardiff in March, I did start a new book on the kindle as I didn’t want to carry a book around with me. Two days before my trip, one of my top 5 favourite authors, Dani Atkins released her new book, This Love. I was warned by the author that tissues might be needed. A good book for me is when I can get straight into the story and I can’t put it down. Dani’s books are always like this for me. I always feel I am at the scene and I love Dani’s use of words.

Whilst I had a bit of feeling of what was going to happen, the prologue certainly threw with me. Trying to pinpoint where it happened in the main character, Sophie’s life was a teaser for me. Sophie doesn’t allow herself to get close to many people and lives a very cocooned life. After losing everything in a fire and being rescued by the gorgeous Ben, she has to face many of her issues.

I did get to one point in the book and thought am I going to be disappointed because I know what is going to happen. Did I want to like the book just because it is written by Dani Atkins? She is not one of my favourite authors for no reason though; a twist or two in the story certainly changed the dynamics.

This book was unusual for me because I didn’t actually stay in bed for an extra ten minutes to complete the last chapter. I saved it to the end of the day to enjoy (if that is the right word) as I didn’t actually want it to end. The ending was everything that I expected, and whilst it did need the tissues, it was beautiful and sensitive.

The similarity between the two books were that both of the main characters had lost brothers and both brothers remained in their conscience and helped guide them in their lives.  They also both taught you that sometimes secrets are best kept that way.

I certainly feel I get a lot from the books I read.  They help me escape from life but also I learn so much too.

Happy reading.





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