Sweet Williams (or Roses or Lilies)


An easy challenge.  I didn’t actually go out to buy myself any flowers but noticed these at our local store.  As I remember them growing in my Grandparent’s garden I thought they would be lovely to have in the house.  They looked beautiful in the house for a couple of weeks.


I realised though that I am lucky and I do often have flowers bought for me.  Just as the Sweet Williams were coming to the end of their life, Kathryn bought me some beautiful roses as a present to remember my Mum.  Mum would have preferred the munchies!


A week later, I was pleasantly surprised to come home from work to find some flowers had been delivered to me.  They were a lovely present from my brother, Richard, his partner, Graham and Graham’s parents to celebrate my 50th birthday.  It honestly feels like a birthday never coming to an end!


Last weekend, the house was a bit bare without any flowers so I thought I would make this challenge a regular one.  This bunch of carnations found their way into my basket.


There is nothing nicer than giving though and as there were plenty of flowers, I shared them with Kathryn.


 Another ticked challenge.

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