The Final Countdown

Less than 24 hours to go and I will be setting out for my challenge, running 10 miles for the Great South Run.

New running shoes
Running shoes

Am I prepared? Well I am prepared in my Tina way. Tina’s way is to not to get too overwhelmed with the task in hand, read some advice but not get bogged down with it, know my limits, prepare for a few setbacks but believe in myself. This run is for me although I want to make my family proud.


One area I had set this practice into was this blog. I had always wanted to start a blog and downloaded lots of free books on how to write a blog. The word “wordpress” came up and it was another language to me. I immediately thought this was too much for me to deal with so I put it aside. It also suggested that I needed a subject I was going to write about. I didn’t consider myself a specialist in anything – just enjoyed what I liked doing. When Kathryn set me my challenges including “make blog”, I decided that I would take up the challenge and do it my way. It isn’t perfect but I am having fun doing it and enjoying doing it my way.

So big day is not far away and I am quite excited. I don’t expect any outstanding times but the achievement of finishing is my goal (I would like to look good at the end too but that might be a bit too much to expect!). I would say I don’t expect any medals but, I think if I finish, I will get one!

Since my last post on the lead up to the run, I have got used to running at different times of the day. Normally an early morning runner, I have run a few times after work. I used to find this so hard but I think that was just those little voices in my head whispering you can’t run at this time. Inspired by Kathryn, I did one run whereby I ran for 2.5 miles, walked for 10 minutes, then run for another 2.5 miles. I felt better with the 2nd part of the run so if I feel a bit weak on Sunday, I will use this method.

Kathryn's first run last year
Kathryn’s first run last year

I was also not feeling well last weekend so I had to give running a miss for a few days. I did manage a mile on Sunday but got caught in the rain. With luck, there won’t be any rain on Sunday as I don’t want to run in that.

I did my final run on Friday and made it a short run. I can’t believe that I said that – 3.4 miles was not short too me a while ago! The sun was shining for that. It was lunchtime and at a time that I will be running on Sunday. Hopefully I will feel as good as I did on that run and I will have a medal to share on here.

Good luck to everyone taking part and sorry to my family if you have to wait too long for me to finish!

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