Under Pressure

Just 21 days to go. These weeks are going very quickly. Certainly feeling the pressure.

As of today, the position is:

33 completed
9 are ongoing or in planning stages
3 will be completed on Saturday
5 to do

On Sunday, after feeling very under pressure with making croissants, I did finish one of my other challenges; up cycle/DIY something from a charity shop. I bought a frame just after Christmas and thought I would have ago at trying to paint it shabby chic style. The frame cost £3 and was a metallic gold style. Not the most perfect for shabby chic but as I am not the most creative, anything was going to be a challenge.

Original frame

To make life easier for me, I decided that with help from Chris, I would take the frames apart and just paint one. To find out how I should do it, I just typed how to shabby chic a picture frame. I found some great tips and needed to buy paint, sandpaper, paint brushes and a white candle.

There were 9 points on my instructions to follow. I actually started it three weeks ago and then left the final step. I was a bit concerned here that I would get it wrong. Just in case I did, I thought I would paint a second frame too.

Not being very creative, I was actually impressed with each step. I did find that I was a bit too rough with the sandpaper but the effect was better than I thought I would achieve.

Challenge 43

When I was first given these challenges, Kathryn asked me what I thought of them. I had some that I was a bit frightened about and this was certainly one. One thing I struggle with is creativity. As I say, the result is not perfect but it was a wonderful way to pass a Sunday afternoon. I will certainly have a go at doing something like this again. Hopefully Christmas will see some creativity.

Okay, so 17 challenges left to get a tick. I am going to make my children feel the pressure as I need their help on my to do list. Apart from my 50th task, which I can’t do until 6th June, the other four need their help because they are involved. I accept that this has been difficult because Kathryn has been doing her final exams, and Jordan is living in London and appears to have a life (note Kathryn that for once, you are put first. Youngest children are always mentioned last normally but this is your present to me!).

So pressure on and help me with the following quickly:

Challenge 18 – Learn 7 – 10 (new) German words a week – arrange weekly vocal tests with your daughter. I really need your help here, Kathryn. Languages scare me and I don’t think this is achievable – putting pressure on.

Challenge 19 – Spa day with your daughter* (*paid for by your daughter too!)!!!! Pressure on again, Kathryn. We can forget about you paying for it. Poor students can’t afford that!

Challenge 28 – Take a dance class with your daughter. Come on, get those dancing shoes on.

Challenge 35 – DVD night with your kids – one film chosen by each. Jordan, you don’t get let off. We need a date for this and soon. I know the film I am choosing.

Now kids, a bit of pressure on you. HELP! An extra pressure for Kathryn: SEND ME THE PHOTOS FOR CHALLENGE 26!

The language challenges are going to be tough for me. I am hoping that Kathryn is going to let me have a tick if I make an effort and promise I will keep up. So under pressure.

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