We Keep Our Love In A Photograph

When I saw this challenge, I did think about the photos I had of Jordan and Kathryn but then remembered all the photos I had of my grandparents and other people who were no longer with me. They are tucked away in a box where I stumble over sometimes and look at for the memories. This particular challenge has made me think that they shouldn’t be in a box but displayed in some way; that said, would they become part of the scenery where I wouldn’t even notice they are there. Maybe so but at this moment I can see a picture of my dad that my brother, Richard kindly framed for me. It does allow me a few minutes to remember him. This particular picture is a lovely carefree one of him, a dad I would never know because he was young, free and single then. Lovely to see him so happy.

My young dad

In this day of digital, we take lots of photos but don’t tend to print them. Sometimes it is a good thing; I remember paying for the photos to be developed only to find lots of blurry photos. I’m still not much better at taking photos now! Whether a photo is printed or on my screen, I still gaze at the photo, touch it to feel the person, want to kiss it and feel so much emotion from it. A photo I chose when I wrote my post for Kathryn’s 21st was one I had forgotten about.   I have probably looked at it more over the last month and loved the memories of my little girl, whilst appreciating what a wonderful feisty young lady she has grown up to be.

Young Kathryn

Going back to the challenge, I did have in mind the sort of frame I wanted for the photo I wanted to use. I had seen it in Sass and Belle in Brighton on our visit in September so bought it on our visit in February. It had that particular antique look about it that I wanted. I know that the photo isn’t perfect but it is photo of one of my favourite people;my lovely nanny (and she was a true nan in every way) looking lovely and trim pictured with my great gran (my grandad’s mum) who I remember fondly on her visits to my grandparents’ home. The photo floats in the frame and looks wonderful.

Nan and great gran

I have promised myself that I will try to frame the others that are in my box and find a mixture of other frames that would suit the purpose. My next one will probably include a photo with me in it. I am not actually a lover of having a picture taken but it is one when I much younger with my brothers and my wonderful grandad.

Next picture to be framed


A very satisfying tick for this challenge.

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  1. I like that you said the photo floats in the frame- it does! Lovely picture. Another tick, ticked! X

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